Family Events Activities and Ideas

Family Time Events

Children, Youth and Families Swimming Event:  Sunday, January 27th 1-3pm

Sheboygan Falls Aquatic Center:  220 Amherst Ave, Sheboygan Falls, WI 53085

We have rented out the pool for just St Paul families!  There is no cost, just come and enjoy a few hours in the cool waters of the pool.  Fun pool toys will be provided and slide will be open.  4th grade and under must be accompanied in the pool with an adult.  Appropriate swimwear must be worn. (one piece suite for females)  Friends are welcome!  Please sign up in the back of church if interested in participating this will aid in our planning for the number of life guards!


This quality, memorable and wholesome event is for fathers and daughters of ALL ages. It takes place at Breaking Bread in Sheboygan. There are 4 different dates available-each starting at 6pm: Feb. 15, Feb 16, Feb 22, Feb 23. Contact Jeff Diener of visit the Campus Life website to order tickets.  While families from St. Paul are attending on different nights, there is a large group attending on Feb 22.

BINGO (Family Fun Fellowship and Food):  Sunday, February 24th from 10:30-11:45 in the Fellowship Hall

Join us for a Bingo--played in a variety of ways and incorporating Food and Fellowship.  Kids and Families of all ages are welcome to attend.  Sign-up is appreciated (located in the Welcome Center--or e-mail Jeff:

Faith and Fellowship Night :  Green Bay Blizzard Football  Sunday, February 24th   3pm Game

Tickets only $15 per person.  From each ticket sold Feed My Starving Children Sheboygan Falls MobilePack will receive $15. A Win Win!

All members and friends of St Paul are welcome. To order tickets please see special envelope at the welcome center.

Youth and families that would like to travel together should sign up in the back of church.

Movie Time (Family Fun Fellowship and Food):  Sunday, April 7 from 10:30-12:00 in the Fellowship Hall

Join us for a movie and some food and fellowship. 

Family Time Worship

Click here for devotional and practical ideas of learning and applying God's Word 

Family Time Activities

Christian Movies to Consider  Click on this link for a list of Christian movies to consider for you and/or your family.  Before watching the movie you are encouraged to do an internet search or look up the movie on  OR to get a review.  Some movies will require an internet search as they have not been reviewed (though a number of them are worth watching!)

Families play an integral role in faith development. For that reason we would like to plan activities to encourage families of all ages to play together, pray together, worship together, do devotions together and spend time together.  


Consider shopping…and buying gifts for others. With many important local and world missions, there are always opportunities to give.  Consider spending this year’s Christmas money on a family trip to the store to purchase gifts for others.

Consider reading …the Christmas story together (or with your extended family).  Have everyone read a verse.  Share a highlight or something you hadn’t thought about before. 

Consider revisiting…why you do Christmas gifts as a family (or extended family).  While this may be awkward or uncomfortable, you may find yourselves starting a new tradition or stopping or changing old ones. Are you being good stewards?  Are you giving joyfully?  Communication is very important.

Consider Praying Together:     Dear Jesus.  Thank you for giving your life for us.  As we celebrate Christmas may

                                                   our focus remain on you and how you were the perfect gift that paid in full the price

                                                   for our sins.  That’s a gift we don’t ever want to return or forget.  We love you. 


Consider claiming the mundane!  Our entire day is God’s.  Look at the little things and connect it to God.  It might be a TV program, a song or comment from the radio, something your kid said or heard at school…and much much more.  The greatest challenge…bridging the gap from the activity to the Bible.  Find a Bible with a Concordance or index for topics.  It can be even easier if you and/or your family can be reading God’s Word daily, this helps keep its contents on your mind!

Consider praying out-loud together.  This will be awkward the first time, and the second, and maybe for awhile especially if your kids are older.  But there is unity in coming before our Father with things that are on our hearts and minds.  Start with some prayers of thanks.  As an adult, set the example of a simple prayer of request or concern.  Don’t pressure your kids, but encourage them to take a baby-step…and watch their comfort zone grow.

Consider praying together as a family… Dear Jesus, help us to see you in the big things and the little things of our everyday life.  There is so much going on, and some things we feel we just need to do.  Help us to see and do these things for you…and not for us. We love you Jesus.  Amen.

Consider engaging…in discussion over those taboo topics!  Money, sex, puberty, dating, pornography, addictions, and more.  Our kids are going to hear and learn about these things.  You can’t control that!   YOU CAN CONTROL…who they hear it from, how it’s explained and even when it’s taught.  By regularly engaging your kids in conversation you allow opportunities to bring up these topics, even at young age.  How much detail do you go into?  If they’re ready for more, they’ll ask.  Be in communication about school, friends, family and more.  Look for little windows to get their thoughts and discern when it is time for a little more information and conversation.

Consider keeping…a prayer list.  As you hear about concerns or needs (or joys too).  Write them down and use this as a place to start in praying with your kids/family.   If the list gets too long…assign certain topics to certain days. 

Perhaps Sunday is for Church 

Monday=Immediate Family 

Tuesday=Extended Family  


Thursday=Schools & Government

 Friday=Community  Saturday=Miscellaneous

Consider praying together as a family… Lord, help us to grow as a family with our foundation in you.  Help us to communicate about topics that are tough to discuss.  Help us as we pray together and lift up the people and world around us.  We love you.  Amen

HALLOWEEN:  Visit this site:  "Halloween Alternatives" for ideas and suggestions on how to celebrate Halloween from a Christian perspective or as a witnessing tool. If you have other suggestions to be added, contact    

Consider creating…a schedule of priorities/responsibilities.  It can be daily, weekly, or even monthly.  Be sure to include devotion time, perhaps AWANA/Confirmation/Memory Work time.  Maybe it is a family time, or meals to eat together.  Having a system in place helps maintain priorities and gives your family a way to hold each other accountable.  Click below to see sample sheets:   Sample 1     Sample 2

Consider planning…and carrying out, a special getaway.  This can be a few hours...or even over-night.   While you can (and should) have a lot of fun, create a purpose.  Perhaps it is to have a special talk about changes they will be experiencing (puberty), becoming a man/woman,  or relationships (dating) or a difficulty facing the family.  Here are some resources to help get you started!

   Passport 2 Purity:  A stellar Christian resource for parents guiding their  boys/girls becoming men/women.  

                                 Topics include:  Puberty, dating, sex, pornography, peer pressure, masturbation and more

  Raising a Modern Day Knight (by Robert Lewis)

  Raising a Modern Day Princess (by Pam Farrel and Doreen Hanna)

  Stepping Up (by Dennis Rainey)


Consider listening…to Christian Music  What goes in our heads and minds dictates what comes out. This is true for ADULTS and KIDS.  What are we listening to?  Can we switch to Christian music?  It may be tough at first…but start with a little each day.   Try these FM Stations:  KLOVE (96.9/90.5) The Family (91.3/103.3) AirOne (88.5)  Q90 (90.1/104.1)

LIFEST: July 12-15 in Oshkosh, WI Up to 4 days of live Christian Music. In addition, it is a family friendly environment. Check it out at

Consider looking up...which Christian artist may sound like your favorite non-Christian artists.  Do you like Eminem, Dave Matthews, Miley Cyrus, The Beach Boys, Billy Joel, Metallica, Aerosmith, Marilyn Manson, Enya, Britney Spears, Phil Collins and more…there is a  Christian equivalent.

Click below for some Secular vs Christian artist comparison:

Site 1                   Site 2