Sermon Topics

Since beginning our Faith@Home journey we have created sermon series that the whole family can talk about and use to grow together in their faith. Most of the sermon series have included a weekly devotion to be used the week before the worship service. Below is a list of the various topics we have covered. Click on the link to review the devotional and other readings the lead to the worship service and sermon.  Most of the topics are also covered in Sunday School that same week.  This gives families an opportunity to discuss what they've heard and learned and apply it to their lives.

Heroes of the Bible: Champs & Chumps

When we read in the Bible about people like Abraham, Moses, St. Paul and many others, they often seem larger than life. It almost seems like they are better than us- somehow closer to God than we are. However, once you begin to peel back the layers of history, you begin to see that they were often regular people just like the rest of us. Most of the time God chose ordinary, flawed people to accomplish His purposes. What often made these people special was their humble willingness to trust in God to accomplish the mission instead of trusting in themselves. And yet, even that trust in God was flaw and imperfect. Join us each week as we consider some very ordinary people whom God chose to use to accomplish His extraordinary kingdom purposes.

Read Thru the Catechism

We began Read Thru the Catechism in September 2014.  There are additional resources on the Read Thru the Catechism page along with a link to a pdf version of Luther's Small Catechism with explanation.

Read Thru the Bible

We began Read Thru the Bible in September of 2012.  In addition to readings from the Bible, we've also included readings from the Action Bible. The Action Bible is a Bible for younger children; the lessons are written comic book style.  There are additional resources in each lesson. Click on the title to go to the Devotional for the series Read Thru the Bible.