Special Days - 4K

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Block Creations


Making People with TGP



King/Queen Day & Fall Party                            10/31/17   Bucket Toys with TGP            11/6/17  Making Pop-up Cards      with TGP                                  12/4/17                                   

 Christmas Service                  12/5/17

 Christmas Party                      12/22/17

 Car Racing with TGP              1/15/18  Mitten Day                              1/15/18 Lutheran Schools Week          1/22/18
  Froggy's Valentine with TGP   2/5/18


Valentines Party                     2/14/18

 A Parade with TGP            3/5/18  Pirate Day        3/9/18


A Book and a Project with TGP    4/9/18