Devotional for Worship Series

God's Rescue Plan - New Testament

NOTE: Please use the devotional studies below to help you prepare for the upcoming weekend worship services.

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“Impacting Your World” - October 4-7

1. Over the last two weeks of our Legacy series, you have heard the importance of leaving a lasting legacy: a spiritual faith legacy. Creating the legacy doesn't have to be perfect, it doesn't have to be complicated to have an impact, but it does have to be intentional.

2. Leaving a legacy of money or possessions is good, but the best thing that we can leave for those who come after us is a legacy of devotion, faith, and being faithfully devoted to the grace of God; a legacy that points others to Jesus and His life, death, and resurrection.

3. This week we get the chance to host Michelle Stamm from Family Time Ministry. She will teach us the “how to” of this process. Michelle will share her story and walk us through a tool, Total Access, that we are providing you to leave a legacy of loving Jesus.

4. Do you have a family devotion time? Are you praying with your children or grandchildren? Are you leaving a legacy of faith? Start to think about when and where you can make a lasting impact on the next generation. Where are you going to start? What are you going to do? What is the next step to increase, to solidify that legacy of loving Jesus?

5. If you haven't started, start simple! Simply pray and thank God for your food before meals. Maybe incorporate a short simple devotion before or after dinner. Ask your kids how their days was and if there is anything you can pray with them about that’s happening in their life before bed. Set the example - let them see you relentless pursuing the love of Jesus.



“Jesus Calls the Disciples” - October 11-14 

Read Matthew 4:17-22, 9:9-13.

1. Imagine someone calling you to follow them: what would that look like? What would they have to say to get you to leave your entire life behind - all that you have ever known - to live a life following this person? What would they have to do to convince you this is the right choice? What kind of personality or characteristics would they need to have? What signs or proof would you need?

2. In Matthew Chapter 3, Jesus is baptized by John the Baptist (his cousin), then immediately afterwards, Jesus is driven into the wilderness to face the temptations of the devil. After defeating the devil’s temptation, Jesus begins his public ministry with what words, in verse 17? What was John’s message in Chapter 3:2?

3. Jesus is walking by the sea of Galilee and sees Simon (Jesus renames him Peter) and Andrew his brother, fishermen, casting a net into the sea. With what words does Jesus use to call them to follow him? Are Jesus’ words simple or complex?

4. How quickly do Simon and Andrew, James and John in verse 22 and Matthew in 9:9, respond? Do they question Jesus or ask for proof? What does this mean about Jesus?

5. Who is Jesus attracting in Matthew 9:10? What was their position in society? What was the Pharisee criticizing Jesus for, and why? What was their goal in questioning Jesus?

6. What does Jesus say He wants? Why does He turn the criticism back on the Pharisees? Who does Jesus say He came for? Are you living your life trying to be better than others and striving after perfection?

7. What does Jesus give that is different from the world? Who is need of it? Who in your life is in need of what only Jesus can offer?

8. What do we have to acknowledge about ourselves before we are ready to receive what Jesus offers? Why is this such good news? What does Jesus offer that can only be obtained through faith in Him?


“New Birth in Baptism” - October 18-21

Read John 3:1-21

  1. Why come to Jesus by night? Why would a learned man like Nicodemus, a Pharisee, come to learn from Jesus? What does his willingness to seek out Jesus show us about his heart? What does Nicodemus recognize about Jesus that many of his colleagues fail to see?
  2. Jesus responds with a statement: “Unless one is born again he cannot see the kingdom of God.” What did Jesus mean by being born again? How does Nicodemus misunderstand Jesus’ saying?
  3. Read Psalm 51:5 & 1 Corinthians 15:50. When Jesus says flesh gives birth to flesh, what did he mean? According to Jesus, where do we receive the Spirit that is necessary to inherit the kingdom of God? (1 Corinthians 12:13)
  4. In verse 8 Jesus makes a profound statement about the wind. What was Jesus asking Nicodemus to do? Look at verse 11. Jesus knows that the Pharisees didn't accept Him or His teaching. So, how would a Pharisee or anyone else understand what Jesus is saying?
  5. What Old Testament scene does Jesus use to talk about His authority, and allude to what will happen to Him in the future? Read Numbers 21:4-9. What is promised to those who believe and put their hope in Him? How is Jesus the greater fulfillment of that Old Testament event?
  6. John 3:16 has been called the “Gospel in a Nutshell,” why? Why did Jesus come into the world (verse 17)?
  7. Jesus describes Himself as the light of the world. Why does Jesus say people love the darkness? When are most crimes committed? Why is it hard for people to come into the light of Christ? What does it require?


“He Must Increase, I Must Decrease” - October 25-28 

Read John 3:22-36.

  1. Jesus had already been baptized by John and called His disciples. After His discussion with Nicodemus, Jesus goes out into the countryside and remains there, baptizing the crowd. We read in verse 23 that John was also baptizing.
  2. A group forms, possibly discussing what baptism was valid. They finally come to John with a question. What was the motive behind their question? What does it say about Jesus’ following?
  3. What do you have in your life that is not a gift from God? What does John acknowledge about himself? What position does John have in the ministry of Jesus? Read Mark 1:2, Luke 1:17, Acts 19:4.
  4. With Jesus beginning His ministry, what did John recognize about his own ministry? Read verse 30. Read John 1:29-31.
  5. Verses 31-36 are a testimony of who Jesus is and why He is authoritative. What is the first reason for Jesus being an authentic authority? How can He speak about heavenly things?
  6. How is it true that “No one receives His (Jesus) testimony?” What happens throughout Jesus’ life that proves that people do not accept Jesus?
  7. What does Jesus have without measure? Where is this displayed in the life of Jesus? Where can we see best in the Bible that Jesus has received this gift?
  8. What does it mean in verse 35 when our text says, “The Father loves the Son and has given all things into his hand?” How does Jesus show that He has power or authority over all things? What does He do in his earthly ministry to show this?
  9. What does verse 36 say those who believe in Jesus have? Read Mark 16:16, Where is one place we can look to see if someone has faith in Jesus? Read 1 John 5:10, 12-13. What gift is given there that creates faith?