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5 Questions Ministry

5 Questions Ministry

The goal of 5 Questions is to provide a means by which kids, parents and guides can learn and grow in their faith. Starting in 3K kids, parents, guides will each be given a set of questions to ask/answer. It is the goal to master these 5 questions. Then in 4K kids will add on another 5 questions. Follow this through to 5th grade kids should be able to answer 40 questions regarding our faith and what we believe. These questions may be asked at home or in class.

For this first year, all classes will begin with the same 5 questions (Listed below) If you are interested in more questions, please contact Jeff.

YEAR 2 Questions (4K and Older)

What do people need to be saved from?       Sin

What is sin?                                                      Not listening to God

Who sins?                                                         Everyone (except Jesus)

What is the punishment for sin?                    Eternal Death OR Separation from God

How can we be saved from our sin?              Believe in Jesus (His life, death, and resurrection)

YEAR 1 Questions (Everyone)

Who is God?                                     God is our creator and king

What did God create?                     Everything

Why did he create everything?      For His Glory

What is the Bible?                           God’s Word

What is the Bible about?                God’s plan to save people through Jesus