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  A ) A special note to parents  
  B) Descriptions of key AWANA elements

Dear Parents/Guardians—you are the primary faith developer of your child(ren) and their relationship with Christ.  Your values and actions shape your child.  It is the goal of St. Paul's and our AWANA program to encourage and support you.  Below are some at-home suggestions that will enable you and us to work together.

*While kids are encouraged to attend every week, the self-paced handbooks provide flexibility for kids and parents to be in the Word every day at home.  This also makes it easy for first time clubbers to jump right in…regardless of age.

*The AWANA Ministry supports our Multigenerational Faith Initiative.  Parents are encouraged to work with their kids in their AWANA handbooks home.  While our Guides are excited to help with memory work on Wednesdays, by families working together at home, it increases the amount of time the Guides have to focus on other things…including class devotions, prayer, review and listening to memory work.  Below are some suggestions for helping with memory work at home:
           --Spend 5 minutes in their handbook each night
           --Read through the story/lesson with them
           --Help them memorize the scripture verse:
                    Create actions
                    Put it to a familiar song (Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday)
                    Break it down into short phrases
          --When they have successfully recited a verse to you without looking, 
             intial the section on the side BUT not where the leaders sign.  
            The kids will receive additional points for a parent's initials

Key AWANA Elements/Description

Opening:  We'll say our AWANA theme verses, recite some pledges, pray and maybe sing a song.  Led by a different class each week, the kids are an active part of the ministry.

Handbook/Small Group Time:  A time of devotion based on the theme night and 1:1 time of leaders with clubbers going through memory work and other Bible activities.  Parents are encouraged to be working on handbook materials at home with their kids.  Handbooks are self-paced.

Large Group:  A time of singing, sharing and recognizing. There is usually a message presented.  This year we are going through the New Testament one book a week.

Games: Kids are divided into 4 colored teams. A time of fun, fellowship and teamwork in Christ

Missionaries: Offering brought by students each week will go to support a missionary, which will be determined and shared during the year.

Theme Nights: Weekly opportunity to show club spirit—as well as a starting point for the large group message time. Theme nights are optional and kids are encouraged to be creative (and to NOT spend a lot of money). If registered, your child receive a monthly post-card with updated theme nights. Otherwise visit the bulletin board as you enter the Fellowship Hall.  Click here for a list of up-coming theme nights.

AWANA Store: As an encouragement for the kids to be involved, student may earn POINTS for their accomplishments (See 'POINTS' system).Then, four times through the year the kids may spend their shares at the AWANA store which has a wide variety of items.

Point System: Kids will earn points for various parts of club. The points will accumulate from week to week and may be spend at the AWANA store. Tentative point values for 2014-15:

   Attendance: 25       Bring Handbook: 25  Wear Uniform: 75    Bring a Friend: 100    
   Sections: 50 each (100 for TNT)    Bring Bible: 25          Do Theme: 50       Offering:  50       
   Games winner: 75   Parent Initials on sections: 25 each

Bag/Uniform: These are earned by kids that have completed their Rank (Sparks) or 1st Chevron ( TNT).

Awards: Kids earn awards for their uniforms based on the sections they complete—See back of the handbook or contact a leader for more information.

Attendance Awards:  Kids may earn AWANA attendance and Church attendance awards by attending 5 out of 7 sessions per quarter.  FOR NON-MEMBERS - to receive your Sunday School award, please present the Secretary or Commander with a parent note stating that the above requirement was completed at your home congregation.

Lost Items: There is no cost for AWANA materials. However, replacement must be purchased at the following cost: Flight 3:16/Start Zone $0.50 Uniform$8.00 Handbook $5.00 AWANA Bag $5.00 

Weekly Schedule      5:53-6:00 Start to arrive                                                     (Fellowship Hall)

                                    6:00-6:05 Opening—Pledges/Theme Song/Theme Verse/Other (Fellowship Hall)

                                    6:05-6:35 Handbook Time K-1st/Games 2nd-5th              (Classrooms/F.H.)

                                    6:35-7:05 Games K-1st/Handbook Time 2nd-5th              (F.H./Classrooms)

                                    7:05-7:30 Large Group Time for Everyone                    (Sanctuary)

ADDITIONAL INFO:  To read more information on specific age groups--visit our Sparks (Pink: Kind-2nd) and/or TNT (Green: 3rd-5th) web pages

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