Truth & Training Club (TNT)   (3rd - 5th Grade)

 All TNT youth enter their AWANA journey by reading/completing Start Zone. Through this they’ll learn the essentials of a Christian’s life—that we are sinful, God sent his son to die and pay for our sins, through Jesus death and resurrection, all who believe will receive eternal life.

Upon completion of Start Zone, the children enter into their handbooks, where they learn more of the important Biblical people, accounts, and teachings that are essential to God’s master plan of salvation. Over three years clubbers cab make their way through 3 handbooks which explore important foundational Christian faith questions. With God’s Word as a foundation these clubbers (and their families) become greater equipped to share the good news of Jesus with others.

Handbook Time: This is a time of devotion, teaching, discussion, and to work on handbooks. Teachers will lead their kids in a devotion…usually associated with the theme night. There will also be a time to say any memory work that was worked on at home. While our Guides are excited to help with memory work on Wednesdays, by families working together at home, it increases the amount of time the Guides have to focus on other things. For ideas on how you can come along side your child at home, see the brochure, our web-site or contact Jeff ([email protected])

Handbook Curriculum:

All students begin in a Start Zone.

Once this is completed they will then begin the following progression of books:    

Evidence of Grace       Grace in Action   Agents of Grace

In all of the books the kids are working on sections. These sections have similar requirements involving the areas of memorizing scripture and looking up Bible passages and answering questions. Students will earn different color chevrons as they get to the half way point of a group of sections and the completion of a group of sections. Uniforms are given when the first Chevron is earned (after section 1.3)

Each book has extra credit opportunities in the form of “Silver” and “Gold”  There are worth extra points and, in most cases, do not have to be completed.

Each book also has opportunities to parents to be involved. Be sure to work alongside your kid throughout this journey.

For further questions on how the books work, feel free to ask your child’s teacher, a secretary or a commander.


*Spend 5 minutes in their handbook each night

*Read through the story/lesson with them

*Help them memorize the scripture verse:

Create actions

Put it to a familiar song (Twinkle Twinkle, Happy Birthday)

Break it down into short phrases


*When they have successfully recited a verse to you without looking, initial the section on the

side BUT not where the leaders sign.  The kids will receive additional points for a parent's initials.


Attendance:  25             Handbook: 25                Uniform:  75      Bring a Friend:  100         

Bible:  25                      Theme: 50                     Dues:  50          Games winner:  75        

Sections:  100 each         Parent Initials on sections: 25 each

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