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The Lord has truly blessed the AWANA during its 10 year existence at St. Paul’s.  As the program continues to minister, volunteers are an integral part of what happens—from relationships building to sharing/explaining God’s Word to having fun!  We’re looking for high schooler through retirees willing to give their time to our Kindergarten-5th grade youth on Wednesday nights.  Call or E-mail Jeff if interested. Scroll down for position descriptions and training times.


--Small Group Leaders: A time to work with 5-7 students, pray, talk, support, build relationship and listen to memory work. You also guide the kids at game time. Minimal planning time involved.  (15-17 Volunteers needed)

--Small Group Assistant: Someone to assist small group leaders. Help listen to memory work, record keep, build relationships with the kids. You also sit by/interact with/encourage kids during game time. (15-17)

--Secretary Assistants: Be willing to arrive 10-15 minutes early to welcome new people/help explain the program and help handout awards during the rest of the evening. (2-3)

--Games Leader: Someone who can lead organized games.  The games are provided.  Your job is to help create a fun, safe opportunity for the kids by explaining games, encouraging teams, and enforcing discipline.  You’re not alone as there will be team leaders working directly with each team of kids. (1-2)

--Games Assistant: Assist our games leader, helping to get equipment out, encourage the rules and keep score. (1-2)

--Skit Leader: Skits and volunteers provided…your job is to work with the volunteers to present occasional skits during the large group message time. Practice usually takes place during the first hour and present during the last ½ hour. (1)

--A Little Bit of Everything Guru: Doing what I (Jeff) have typically done on Wednesday nights.  Help with the opening.  During game/handbook time you would check in on classes, answer questions, help out as needed.  Help facilitate large group time (doesn’t mean you would have to lead music or give the message). 

--Speaker ObtainerFind and coordinate with (at least) once a month guests to share a message.  Two easy ones will be each of our pastors.  Speaking topics can be provided….though I would love to have individuals speak from their strengths…perhaps in missions, real-life experiences, etc.

--Newsletter Editor/photographera hopeful new addition to the 2014-2015 year is a monthly newsletter highlighting such things as best dressed up participants, clubbers/leader profiles, and other highlights from AWANA.

-- Wednesday Morning/Afternoon Set-upEach week this volunteer would have consistent set-up responsibilities like binders, pew signs, maybe some photo copying and more. (1-2)

--AWANA store directorAbout 4 times a year, set-up/take down AWANA store and being present to help redeem gifts (sound complicated…it's easy once your trained!) (1-2)

All volunteers must attend a training to help prepare for the year ahead.


New Volunteers               Tuesday, Aug 20                9:00-11am

New Volunteers               Tuesday, Aug 20              5:30-7:30pm       

Returning Volunteers      Wednesday, Aug 21         9:00-10:30am

Returning Volunteers      Wednesday, Aug 21              6:00-7:30pm

(If you cannot attend one of the above please contact Jeff ASAP with some alternative times that may work for you)

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