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Children's Parent Resources

    These are some ideas to experience success in having your kids worship with you.


Ready, Click, Grow Your Family
Lots of faith-related resources for 
Mealtimes, Games, Memory
Makers, Family Faith.


 JellyTelly | Faith based videos, games, and resources for kids

This web site offers Christian videos, movies and games for kids.
Effective Parenting 
Practical parenting resources from 
the National Center for Effective 
Parenting. You may also sign up 
on this website for FREE weekly
email which offers suggestions on 
how to handle family issues. 

Focus on the Family 

This organization was begun
in 1977 by James Dobson, 
in response to his increasing 
concern for the family. 
Dr. Kevin Leman
 is an well known 
Christian psychologist, author,
 radio and television personality. 
     What's in the Bible? is an incredible way for parents and kids to learn about the big picture of the Bible.     Love & Logic 
Free articles and podcasts to
give parents techniches for 
taking the exhaustion out of 
raising their kids

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