"Connecting People to Christ"

Family Halloween Alternatives


We recognize, that while many families don't believe/support the negative/evil influences associated with Halloween, this can be a special evening to be together as well as a chance to witness to others.  For that reason we encourage you to enjoy this time as a family.  Here are some suggestions for Halloween Alternatives:

*Visit Word of Grace Church's Hallelujah Party!  It's a great time of fun, fellowship, games, candy and more.  Check back for time/more information
  (837 Buffalo Avenue in Sheboygan Falls):  

*Christian Pumpkin Carving:  Visit this web-site for some awesome ideas on how to witness through your pumpkins.

*Build relationships/Share the Light: Instead of turning off the lights or leave his house entirely, make sure that the porch lights are bright and welcoming.  Perhaps you have a pumpking carved with a cross.  Hand out regular sized candy bars. Try to create a relationship with kids and their parents. Halloween allows us to meet each child and their parents, even for a brief couple of minutes, and make impact. What makes a bigger impact on Halloween than a full-size candy bar? Those kids will remember us, not because we're the cool old people, but hopefully because they can tell that there is something else.  

*Attach a Bible verse:  Simply print out some little sheets with Bible verses on them and tape/tie them to your candy.  Or simply write "Jesus loves you" Or purchase candy that has scripture already on it.

*A Suggested Devotion:  At Halloween, some people think of darkness, night, and spooky things. We've seen the store displays and the houses decorated that are dark and yucky. Some people like to dress up in dark and spooky costumes, and other people like to dress up and pretend in nice costumes. Let's make lists of costumes and put them under two categories: darkness and light. Name a costume for me, and we'll decide which list to put it on. Which costume list honors God? Which costumes would Jesus want us to wear?  What does the Bible say about God's light? about the darkness?  At Halloween, our choice of dress up costumes and the things we pretend and play can honor God, the God of Light.

While there is no direct Christian message:  Below are 7 other alternatives celebration styles for around October 31st.  Sometimes the witness and message are in what we don't do--rather than what we do.

Halloween Alternatives #1

Trunk or TreatOne of the most common alternatives to celebrating Halloween is becoming Trunk or Treat. These event is often sponsored in church parking lots on Halloween night. It works like a giant tailgate party with multiple families. Kids, dressed in costume or not, go from car to car to collect candy or other prizes. Sometimes food, games or karaoke are included.

Halloween Alternatives #2

Weiner roasts and campfires alternatives to celebrating Halloween. Friends, family or church members gather to roast hot dogs (and usually marshmallows) over an open fire. This usually doesn't involve toting huge bags of candy. The emphasis is not on Halloween but on spending time together with each other.

Halloween Alternatives #3

Fall parties work well as alternatives to celebrating Halloween. This can take place at a home or in a church. Kids can pick up dry leaves from the yard that day to decorate with or create their own. If you do have it at your home it's best to have some candy on hand. Some people might think that you are celebrating Halloween and come to your door by mistake. (Most people won't have this problem.) If that happens just give them a piece of candy and send them on their way. You can put a note on the door but this will only help the kids who are old enough to read.

Halloween Alternatives #4

Host a block party. This can be similar to the Trunk or Treat mentioned above. It can be open to the community or just for the kids on your block. The idea is to build community spirit and involvement while giving the kids a safe place to have fun.

Halloween Alternatives #5

Fall themed tea party. Kids get the fun of dressing up and seeing friends while having fun. Use a fall decorating theme. Instead of tea you can serve lemonade. Food can be spice cakes, cream cheese sandwiches, scones or any of the traditional items used for a tea party.

Halloween Alternatives #6

Organize a skating or bowling night. Gather your kids, their friends (and hopefully parents) and head to your local skating rink or bowling alley. See who can bowl the most strikes or stand on one foot while on skates. It can be a fun way to see friends and have a good time.

Halloween Alternatives #7

Have a hayride. Nothing says fall more than a hayride. Plans can be as elaborate as going to park or as simple as a lawn tractor, trailer and a couple of bales of hay. Snacks or drinks are usually a good idea. A hayride can be a fun way to get together with friends, enjoy the evening and makes a great Halloween alternative.