Mission Trips


2020 Mission Youth Team

  Middle and High School Mission Trip 

  • Dates: June 20-26, 2020
  • Location: Nashville, TN
  • Letter of Intent can be found HERE.
  • Registration deadline for this event is January 1st
  • Mission Team Participants are:  Tyler Nelson, Skyler Sitzberger, Jonathan Wallner, Mason Jaap, Evan Behling, Nolan Limberg, Timmy Zuengler, Lanyon Feile, Noble Benbrooks, Ethan Passehl, Garrett Pfister, Ian Ramirez, Alex Thiel, Graham Thiel, Charlie Leibham, Brennan Helmer, Daniel Ramirez, Clark Kirst, Taylor Trakel, Emily Wallner, Rachel Gartman, Raena Zuengler, Lydia Randall, Emily Randall, Hannah Randall, Amara Feile, Hannah Teal, Karri Muehlbauer, Kelli Muehlbauer, Isabella Hasler, Claudia Leibham, Paige Schwonek, Aubrey Schwonek, Maddy Leibham, Sarah Fischer, Michelle Zuengler, Stacey Leibham, Tina Helmer, and Nicole Dollevoet


Date Time Location/Activity
Saturday, Feb 22 9am Prep for the Spaghetti Lunch fundraiser
Sunday, Feb 23 10am Spaghetti Lunch Fundraiser
March   Seroogy's Candy Bar Sale.  
Saturday, April 11 8am Set up for Easter Breakfast
Sunday, April 12 6am Easter Breakfast Fundraiser
Thrivent Members use your Action Dollars on up coming fundraisers, t-shirts, travel expenses, etc.  Click here to learn more. 


Mission Trip Get-Togethers

Date Time Location/Activity
Sunday, Jan 26th  Noon-1:30pm

Church Fellowship Hall, lunch included

Sunday, Feb 9th  5:30-6:30pm Mini Golf at Blue Harbor
Saturday, March 29th  Noon-4pm Join together for a service projects around Sheboygan County
Sunday, May 31st 5:30-7:30pm Fellowship at Nicole's house.  Receive last minute information about the trip. 

Commissioning:  TBA

Reunion:  TBA

Church presentation: TBA during worship services.  Please wear mission shirts and come with stories to share about your time serving God.  This is our chance to share with our church our experience, thank them for their support and get other excited to serve on a mission trip!