Sermon Topics

God’s Rescue Plan: New Testament”

Will continue the weekend of February 3, 2019

Last Fall & Winter we looked at the unfolding of God’s plan in the Old Testament to rescue mankind from our sins. The promise of redemption was first given to Adam and Eve. God said that He would send “the descendant” of Eve to destroy Satan’s eternal grip on us. The Plan was initiated as God raised up a chosen people from the descendants of Abraham through which the Savior would come. This Fall we move into the New Testament. Here we discover that God’s Rescue Plan finds its fulfillment with the coming of Jesus and the development of the Christian Church.


“Generosity: Counterintuitive Living” January 10 - 27

Today we continue our 3-week Stewardship series focusing upon what the Bible says about God’s plan for Generosity in our lives. Genesis 1 tells us that we were created in the “image of God.” In the first three chapters of Genesis we see God generously providing Adam and Eve with everything that they need for their lives. Even when they disobey His command and sin against their Creator, God is generous to them and promises to send them a Savior who will redeem them from their sins. So, just as God Himself is “Generous,” so we who were created in His image are hardwired to be generous people.

“God is Generous THROUGH You”

This is the third and final week of our Stewardship series. We have looked at how God is Generous TO you and how God is generous IN you. Today, we bring the series to a conclusion and see that because God has given us everything, He has given us His Spirit to dwell in us, which gives us peace. Stay tuned to see how that truth motivates us to be generous to others.


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