Sermon Topics

Stewardship Series: Receipts

Whenever we make a purchase, we get a receipt. A receipt is a reminder that a transaction has taken place. In this series, we’ll do a “receipt review” in light of what God’s Word says about stewardship and ask: What do my receipts say about the transactions I make and the heart I have toward God and money?

The Christmas Story   December 15, 2019 - January 5, 2020

For the four weeks we will focus on the birth of Jesus and the faith of those involved.

"Acts: The Church on Mission"
September 8 - December 14

For the last two years we have been working our way through the Old Testament and Gospels. This fall we continue our journey through the Bible focusing on the Epistles, especially the book of Acts this fall. Join us as we see how the church formed and how they went about sharing the Good News of Jesus with the world.  

“The 7 ‘I Am’ Statements of Jesus”
July & August 2019

During Jesus’ ministry on earth, He said many things that challenged His listeners. In fact, He often used figurative language to relate common objects or concepts with Himself or His Kingdom so that people could better understand his character and purpose. In the Gospel of John, there are seven times in which Jesus says, “I Am ___.” Each statement gives us a glimpse into God’s character and what He’s like.
Note: The weekend of August 18 will be our "Mission Focus" weekend.

"Thoughts and Prayers"
June 2019

Whenever a tragedy strikes, national leaders will often announce that they are sending what has become a much-maligned offering of “Thoughts and Prayers.” Many people not only question the sincerity of these offerings, but their effectiveness. “Does prayer do anything?” “Does anyone hear?” In this series, we explore the amazing gift of prayer and why every circumstance - whether it is joyful or tragic- ought to be wrapped in prayer.

“God’s Rescue Plan: New Testament”
September 2018 - May 2019

In the Garden of Eden, right after Adam and Eve had first sinned against God, He revealed to them that He was going to send a Savior for mankind: “the descendant of the woman” who would destroy the power of Satan and pay for our sins. The Plan was initiated and developed throughout the period of the Old Testament as God raised up a chosen people (Israel) from the descendants of Abraham through which the Savior would come. The New Testament shows us that God’s Rescue Plan is fulfilled with the coming of Jesus and the development of the Christian Church.

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