St Paul Values & Mission

Getting to know St. Paul

Mission Statement 

"As friends of God through Jesus, empowered by the Holy Spirit, 
we are connecting people to Christ by sharing His love 
in word and action everywhere we are".


Core Values of St. Paul Lutheran Church

 1. Faithful to God's Word (Psalm 119;  2 Timothy 3:14-17;  2 John 2;  3 John 3)

 2. Committed to Prayer (James 5:13-16;  Psalm 50:15;  1 Chronicles 16:11;  Matthew 7:7)

 3. Integrity (Psalm 26:2-3;  Proverbs 10:9;  11:3;  Mark 12:14;  Titus 2:7)

 4. Caring/Family Focus (Acts 10:2;  1 Timothy 3:5;  Ephesians 5:21-33;  6:1-4)

 5. Contagious passion (Matthew 28:18-20;  Acts 2:1-41;  2 Corinthians 11:16-29)

 6. Progressive (Psalm 33:3;  40:3;  1 Corinthians 9:19-23;  Acts 17:22-34)


Core Emphases
  •  Diverse worship services 
  •  Seeking God's Will through prayer
  •  Small Groups 
  •  Children (includes preschool) & youth program opportunities 
  •  Support Ministry (includes Divorce Care & Grief Share) 
  •  Care Ministry (includes Befriender Ministry) 
  •  Mission Outreach 
  •  Opportunity for Serving 
  •  New Member Instruction (AIM) 
  •  Facility/location 
  •  Church Family (welcoming, friendliness, involvement) 
  •  Quality Staff & Committed Lay Leadership 
  •  Stewardship ($$ and time/talent) 
  •  Unity within congregation (harmony & respect, "Can do attitude"


Vision Statement of St. Paul Lutheran Church

St. Paul is a growing Christian community of diverse individuals passionately following Jesus.  Unified and empowered by the Holy Spirit, we are reaching out with the Gospel and helping many in our hurting world find peace, hope and healing through faith in their Savior.  As they grow in their faith, they are joining their fellow members in becoming fully devoted followers of Christ.  
As we continue developing the ministry of St. Paul we are committed to offering, inspiring, relevant worship services that usher worshipers into the presence of God, engage them in understanding God's Word and applying it to their life, and encourage them to share the hope of Christ with others who are without Christ in their life. A variety of large and small group Bible study opportunities through which members grow in their knowledge of the Bible, encounter the forgiveness and love of their Savior, and where they are able to find and model biblical community (supporting and encouraging each other in the day to day living out of our faith).

Dynamic children's and youth ministries that seek to assist parents in passing on the Christian faith to the next generation, giving them the security in Christ to help them develop into mature, God-fearing men and women.
Opportunities for members of all ages to discover their divine designs and be equipped to serve Christ effectively in ministry either within or outside our church.
 A continuum of Christian care and support for members of St. Paul and people of Sheboygan County and wherever else God leads us.
St. Paul Lutheran Church is an exemplary and innovative Lutheran church-  a source of encouragement and inspiration to our fellow LCMS churches and the Christian community as a whole as we promote the spread of our Christian beliefs in Sheboygan 
County, regionally and throughout the world.
This is a sending church.  God is using us as an incubator to nurture future pastors and other professional church workers.  We encourage youth and adults to consider church work vocations, participate in their training, and eventually send them out as gifts to the Church.  We are sending many members out on mission trips through which they are able to give witness of their faith to others by their words and actions.
To facilitate this ministry, we remain committed to recruiting and developing a growing staff of exceptional men and women.  We maintain a growing facility that is attractive and able to accommodate the ministries of this growing congregation.

Link to Constitution and Bylaws

Ministry Statement

The goal of this Ministry Statement is to keep the ministries of St. Paul Lutheran Church, a congregation of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod, united in focus on our mission of “Connecting People to Christ.”

Statement of Faith

We believe that the Holy Bible, both the Old Testament and New Testament, in all its words, is the inspired Word of God and, consequently, true and trustworthy; and that it is the only source for the proclamation of the Gospel through which the Holy Spirit creates saving faith in Jesus Christ.

We believe in a triune God who has existed for all time and eternity. He has revealed Himself as Father, Son and Holy Spirit – three distinct persons in one divine essence or being. The Triune God is the embodiment of love and desires that all people be saved by coming to repentant faith in Jesus Christ.

 We believe in Jesus Christ as true God and true man. We believe in his virgin birth, in his sinless life, in his teaching, in his death as payment for our sins, in his resurrection and bodily ascension to the Father and in His return in power, glory and judgment on the last day.

 We believe that all people are born into this world as sinful and lost human beings and that it is only through faith in Jesus Christ that we can be saved. Such faith is created in sinners when the Holy Spirit works powerfully through the Gospel to miraculously cause spiritual rebirth in a person’s heart.

 We believe in the physical resurrection of the dead on Judgment Day. Those who trust in Jesus Christ will rise to eternal life in heaven with God. Those who reject Christ will be condemned to eternal damnation in hell.

 We believe that within every believer there is the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit who enables us to live a godly life and who empowers us to be His witnesses to other people about the hope that can be found only in Jesus Christ. This same Holy Spirit gathers Christian believers together into His one, holy Church for spiritual fellowship, nurturing, growing in faith and sharing the faith with others.

 The ministries of St. Paul Lutheran Church exist in order to share this Christian faith through word and action everywhere we are.

 The above statements do not exhaust the extent of our beliefs. The Bible, as the inspired and true Word of God, is the final authority on truth, morality and proper conduct of Christian believers. It is, therefore, the final source of all that we believe. For the purposes of this church’s faith, doctrine, policy and discipline, our pastors, elders and church council, following the Bible and the Confessions of the Lutheran Church, provide the final interpretive authority on the Bible’s meaning and interpretation.

 Religious Character

 We are a Christian organization existing for the purpose of “Connecting People to Christ”. All of our ministries strive to exemplify our beliefs. These beliefs should be evident in our ministry efforts when they occur at our facility and also off site. None of our ministry efforts should conflict with our beliefs or promote individuals or organizations which do not respect our beliefs. We believe that every person must be afforded compassion, love, kindness, respect and dignity.

Code of Christian Conduct

 We believe in the law as written in the Bible, including adherence to the Ten Commandments and the guidance of Jesus Christ. Included in the Code of Christian Conduct are respecting the sanctity of human life and avoiding cheating, stealing and disrespecting authority. Also included in the Code of Christian Conduct are sexual codes, including abstaining from sexual contact outside of the marital union of one man and one woman and conforming to one’s biological sex. (See policies #30 and #43).

 Criteria for Working in the Ministries of St. Paul Lutheran Church

 All employees must sign this document affirming their agreement with this Ministry Statement. All employment positions must have a job description which clearly defines the qualities we seek in that particular job and how the job helps fulfill our church’s mission. Volunteers affirm that they respect our beliefs and will not work to disparage or undermine them. This document will be good for three years and then must be resigned to continue service.

 Facility Use Policy

 Our buildings exist through God’s benevolence and the generosity and efforts of our membership of Christian believers. They were created to promote these beliefs through our activities. All activities at our facilities should support the congregation’s discipleship and outreach priorities. Our facilities may not be used by people or groups to spread, advance or practice beliefs in conflict with our faith and moral teachings.

 In the event that we enter into agreements to expand our ministries to sites outside our own buildings, the owners or administrators of those buildings must agree to respect our beliefs and not work to disparage, change or undermine our beliefs.