"Connecting People to Christ"

Ambassador Ministry

Ambassador Ministry
One person from each grade will be a contact person through whom I (Jeff) will relay messages that apply to the whole grade (not just AWANA or Sunday School). This may also be a means by which families can RSVP for events, ask questions, and even initiate further group/church events.

--If you have multiple kids, RSVPs only need to be sent to one Ambassador.

--You may still contact Jeff directly with questions and concerns.

The Purpose
Help connect people so that as community we can encourage/sharpen each other in our walk with Christ.


**Provide a means to establish/build relationships with fellow brothers and sisters/build community (working to overcome various factors that might separate including: size of our congregation, multiple worship services, Sunday School & AWANA, many different communities, activities and interests represented).

**Families may initiate their own activities as they get more familiar with each other.

**Families may encourage/recognize/build relationships with each other outside of church sponsored functions. (Like school/sports/etc.)

**This could carry into the Confirmation years, perhaps creating some greater unity as the kids AND parents continue on to work with Nicole.

Our Ambassadors:

 3K    TBD                                                                     2nd  Sarah Gartman: [email protected] 

 4K  Tessa Backhaus: [email protected]       3rd Jolene Hendrikse: [email protected]  

 Kind  Katie Popp:         [email protected]     4th    Katrina Martin: [email protected]

  1st Felicia Karls:     [email protected]                 5th   Amanda Hildebrand: [email protected]