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AWANA Sparks

AWANA SparksSparks Club   (Kindergarten - 2nd Grade)

Our Sparks Club is designed for children in Kindergarten - 2nd grade. The aim of this club 
is to take God's children a step deeper into God's Word. As boys and girls grow in 
their understanding of the Word they will have a better understanding of the importance
of trusting Christ for their salvation. Spark's club meetings combine learning with fun to 
create an atmosphere of irresistible excitement. Club meetings are divided into four 
segments: Opening, Games, Small Group and Large Group. 

All Sparks enter their AWANA journey by reading/completing Flight 3:16.  Through this they'll learn the essentials of a Christian's life—that we are sinful, God sent his son to die and pay for our sins, through Jesus death and resurrection, all who believe will receive eternal life.

Upon completion of Flight 3:16, the children enter into their handbooks, where they learn more of the important Biblical people, accounts, and teachings that are essential to God's master plan of salvation. Over three years clubbers make their way through 3 handbooks which chronologically cover key Biblical figures.  In addition the handbooks challenge clubbers (and their families) to apply the Bible to their daily lives.

Small Group:  This is a time of devotion, teaching, and discussion.  Teachers will lead their kids in a devotion associated with the theme for the night.  

AWARDS (see p. 102 of Hang Glider book for visual)
**Each Sparks book revolves earning 1 patch (Rank Emblem) and 12 jewels (4 Green, 4 Red, 4 Blue).  Completed in order…the kids first earn their Rank Emblem by completing the first 8 sections.  Completing the next 4 sections earns them Red Jewel 1.  The next 4 earns them Green Jewel 1.  The next 4 earns them Red Jewel 2…and so on.  Blue Jewels are earned once a quarter based on club attendance (usually attending 5-6 times/quarter).

**Once the Rank Emblem and all Red and Green Jewels have been earned, depending on their grade and the time of year, the kids will either work on “Extra Credit” sections or move onto the next book.  (See “ORDER OF COMPLETION OF HANDBOOKS” below)   This determination will be made by the AWANA Commander and Secretaries.

**Book awards are given out once a quarter.

**Uniforms and bags are handed out after the Rank Emblem patch has been earned

**All sections must be completed in their entirety and in order

A)   Bring A Friend (Red Jewel 1, Section 1)
B)   Missionary Activities (Green Jewel 2)
C)   Listening To Parents/Life at Home (Green Jewel 4, Sections 2 and/or 3)
**For placement and description of awards, please consult the back of the book or ask your leader.

Page 2-3:  Parent Guardian Letter--Describes the parts of the book AND which sections can be done out of order
*Red Jewel 1:1 Kids need to bring a friend (see leader if alternative is absolutely necessary)
*Green Jewel 2:1-2:4       Missionary Activities
*Green Jewel 4:3   Kids must complete a responsibilities chart
Back of the book    Information on awards/Parent ideas to apply Bible Bibliographies
*NOTE—These sections may be done out of order—all others must be done in order


Kindergarten: Flight 3:16, Hang Glider, HG Review Emblem, HG Frequent Flyer
1st:   Flight 3:16, Hang Glider, Wing Runner, WR Review Emblem, WR Frequent Flyer,HG Review Emblem, HG Frequent Flyer
2nd:  Flight 3:16, Hang Glider, Wing Runner,  Sky Stormer, SS Review Emblem, SS Frequent Flyer, WR Review Emblem, WR Frequent Flyer, HG Review Emblem, HG Frequent Flyer

Attendance:  25             Handbook: 25                Uniform:  75      Bring a Friend:  100         

Bible:  25                      Theme: 25                     Offering:  50              

Section completed at home and signed by parent:  75 each  

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