"Connecting People to Christ"


Truth & Training Club (TNT)   (3rd - 5th Grade)

 All TNT youth enter their AWANA journey by reading/completing Start Zone. Through this they’ll learn the essentials of a Christian’s life—that we are sinful, God sent his son to die and pay for our sins, through Jesus death and resurrection, all who believe will receive eternal life.

Upon completion of Start Zone, the children enter into their handbooks (for new clubbers this will actually be a Binder), where they learn more about God and his plan for them, including His master plan of salvation.   Over three years clubbers can make their way through 3 binders which explore important foundational Christian faith questions. With God’s Word as a foundation these clubbers (and their families) become greater equipped to share the good news of Jesus with others.

Small Group takes place on Wednesday evenings:  This is a time of devotion, teaching, and discussion.  Teachers will lead their kids in a devotion associated with the theme for the night.  Teachers will also guide them through opening, games and large group closing. 

Memory Work and at home time:  Parents as you work your way through each handbook you will be signing off on different sections that you complete.  Memory work should be studied at home and then signed off for in the handbook.  Students can then show their leader each week their progress and sectretaries will award them as sections are completed. 

Handbooks:  All students begin in a Start Zone.

Once this is completed they will then begin the following progression of binders:    

Binder 1       Binder 2      Binder 3 

In all of the books the kids are working on sections. These sections have similar requirements involving the areas of memorizing scripture and looking up Bible passages and answering questions. Students will earn different color chevrons as they get to the half way point of a group of sections and the completion of a group of sections. Uniforms are given when the first Chevron is earned (after section 1.3)

Again each book should be worked on at home with their parents involvement.  Books should be brought each week to class to show small group leaders.  


Attendance:  25             Handbook: 25                Uniform:  75      Bring a Friend:  100         

Bible:  25                      Theme: 25                     Offering:  50              

Section completed at home and signed by parent:  75 each

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