Children's Volunteer Opportunities

Jesus modeled for us how ministry multiplies. He taught ordinary people (his disciples), helping them to learn and grow. These disciples then reached out to more ordinary people, helping them to learn and grow. And it kept going!  That is how ministry at St. Paul can be the most successful too. As new opportunities in Children and Family Ministry are being explored, please consider a way you can be a disciple. As this happens you will naturally start on the road to discipling others.

Some areas to consider right now (Updated August 2017)

*Helping to coordinate a family activity: Pumpkin Farm, Swimming, Kickball, Feed My Starving Children groups, etc. 

*Helping to lead our Sunday School Christmas Service

*Helping to connect families through social media

*Helping to design/create new homemade “Busy Bags” for kids at church

*Helping with a Family to Family mentoring ministry

*Sunday School (Click for a list of Sunday School Volunteer Opportunities)

*AWANA--Wednesday Evening Ministry (Click for a list of AWANA Volunteer Opportunities)

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN A PARTICULAR AREA, know that you will receive encouragement, training and help as needed. Contact Jeff to get connected ([email protected] OR 467-6449)