"Connecting People to Christ"

Church Policies

This is a list of policies developed by the St. Paul Lutheran Church Council.  The forms mentioned within each policy are also included.  Just click on the policy or form to link to it.

Activity Sponsorship Approval  (Policy #1): This refers to activities held in the name of St. Paul Lutheran Church.  This policy ensures that the Church Council is aware of activities happening in the name of St. Paul.     Activity Sponsoring Request Form

LCD Sign Display  (Policy #2):  Guidelines as to what can be displayed on the outdoor LCD sign. 

Gathering Area Use  (Policy #3): Guidelines for the approved use of the Gathering Area.  All activities in the Gathering Area need prior approval and a reservation.         Gathering Area Reservation Form

Absentee Ballot  (Policy #4):  Provides the opportunity for voting members to participate in elections when they are absent at the election meeting.

Capital Improvement Fund  (Policy #5):  Guidelines on the use of the Capital Improvement Fund.

Establishment of Dedicated Funds  (Policy #6):  Guidelines on the use of Dedicated Funds.

Handling  of Fundraising Money  (Policy #7):  Standards for handling money.

Core Values  (Policy #8):  Core Values of the Congregation.

Volunteer Appreciation  (Policy #9):  Standards to recognize volunteers

Travel Reimbursements  (Policy #10):  Standardized guidelines for reimbursement to lay leaders.     Travel/Activity Plan Form

Safe Building Use  (Policy #11): This policy provides guidelines for acceptable behavior in our facility.  Outside organizations are required to complete a policy acknowledgment form.    Appropriate Use of Building Agreement

Cancellation of Worship Services  (Policy #12): The process used in the event worship services need to be canceled.

Vision Statement  (Policy #13): The vision of the Congregation

Kitchen  (Policy #14): Guidelines for the use of the kitchen.    Kitchen Use Guidelines

Facility Rental  (Policy #15) Guidelines for renting the facility.   
            Facility Rental Brochure      Facility Rental Agreement     Appropriate Use of Building

Membership for those Living Together Without Marriage  (Policy #16): Guidelines for those living together without marriage who are seeking church membership.

Weddings for those Living Together Without Marriage  (Policy #17): Guidelines for those living together without marriage who are seeking a wedding ceremony/marriage.   Living Together Without Marriage Handout

Mission Partner Scrip  (Policy #18):  Guidelines for the Mission Partner Scrip Ministry.

One on One Meeting (Policy #19) Guidelines to prevent misconduct or accusations of misconduct.

Baptism  (Policy #20)Guidelines for baptism.     
         Baptism Application     Giving Ceremony & Baptism Application    The Story of our Baptismal Font Brochure

Intruder  (Policy #21):  Plan in the event of an intruder in the building.

Capitalization & Depreciation  (Policy #22): How to record and depreciate fixed assets.

Financial Administration of Internal Organizations  (Policy #23): Guidelines to ensure all organizations operating under the name of St. Paul Lutheran Church are :reflected on the church balance sheet.

Repair Expense  (Policy #24) Guidelines on how to expense repairs.

Handling of Wine  (Policy #25): Guidelines for handling altar wine.

Communion Assistant Dress Code  (Policy #26): Establishment of a dress code for communion assistants.

Communion Assistant Selection  (Policy #27):  Guidelines for choosing communion assistants.

Open Flame  (Policy #28):   Guidelines for the use of open flames in the building.

Silver Alert  (Policy #29): A search plan in the event a participant from The Gathering Place or Memory Matters is missing.

Same-Sex Union  (Policy #30) Guidelines for same-sex marriages.

Volunteers Working with Children, Youth or Vulnerable Adults (Policy #31): Guidelines for volunteers to ensure safety of children, youth and vulnerable adults.  
  Background Authorization Form      Adult Day Care Background Verification Form     
  Ministry Driver Screening Form        Vehicle Insurance Verification Form

Volunteer Dismissal  (Policy #32):  A standard, fair approach to dismissing volunteers when the need arises.

Grievance  (Policy #33):  A process for handling grievances.

Acknowledgement of Monetary Donations  (Policy #34) Guidelines on how monetary donations are acknowledged.

Guidelines for Mission Trips (Policy #35):    Guidelines for participants contributions towards their trips. 
        Mission Trip Form      Mission Trip Follow-up Form

Ushers  (Policy #36): Standard practices for ushers. 

Wee Care Nursery  (Policy #37):  Guidelines to ensure a safe environment for those involved in our nursery ministry.

Building Fund (Policy #38):  Guidelines for the use of the Building Dedicated Fund

Endowment Fund  (Policy #39):  Standard practices for the use and management of the Endowment Fund.

Bell Usage  (Policy #40): Guidelines for when the bell will be used.

Undesignated Monetary Donations  (Policy #41): The standard practice for handling un-designated monetary donations.

Funeral Compensation  (Policy #42):  Standard for handling compensation from funerals.

Statement of Faith with Regard to Marriage, Gender, and Sexuality  (Policy #43):  Statement on the position of St. Paul Lutheran Church regarding these topics based on the Bible.

Emergency Repair  (Policy #44) Policy authorizing emergency repairs.

Use of Building Space (Policy #45) Policy to provide a standard for building space and storage.

                        Ministry Statement for Volunteers     Ministry Statement for Host Sites     Ministry Statement for Building Use 

Nomination of Church Council (Policy #46)Guidelines for the nomination of Church Council.

Election of Church Council (Policy #47)Guidelines for the election and appointments of Church Council.

Church Council (Policy #48): Guidelines for the Church Council.

Ministry Action & Advisory Teams (Policy #49): Guidelines for the use of ministry action and advisory tems.

Elder Team (Policy #50): Guidelines for the Elder Team.

Executive Team Roles (Policy #51): Establishes the roles of the Executive Team.

Sustenance Fund (Policy #52):  Policy for utilizing/administering sustenance fund monies.

Ministry Staff (Policy #53): Guidelines for ministry staff.

Ministry Development Fund (Policy #54):  Policy authorizing spending dedicated savings from fiscal year-end surpluses.

Investment Options for Church Funds (Policy #55)Policy providing direction on how to spend excess funds.

Guidelines for Membership (Policy #56) This policy is part of St. Paul Lutheran Church’s organizational policies and applies to all congregation members.

Early Childhood Center Scholarships (Policy #57):  Guidelines for ECC families' scholarships.    ECC Scholarship Application Form