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COVID-19 and St. Paul Lutheran Church 

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Letter to Congregation members about Fall Planning August 2020
Letter to Congregation members about in-person Worship Services.
Friday, May 15, 2020

A Reopen Taskforce has been created to put together a plan to safely reopen the church, the Early Childhood Center, and The Gathering Place. More information will be shared once the plans are in place.

March 14, 2020 Video update from Pastor Kyle

March 13, 2020 - Update from Pastor Kyle

It has been a crazy week for all of us. COVID-19, or the Coronavirus has been spreading throughout the world, the U.S., and now our own community. Many of you may have heard that on Friday 03/13/2020, that there are now three reported cases of the Coronavirus in Sheboygan County. The Church Council called an emergency meeting to put into place precautions to protect its members and the community at large. It was decided that effective 03/14/2020, that St. Paul would be moving to an online campus only. All events hosted by St. Paul or community events that occur at St. Paul are being canceled. This includes all small group events as well as A.I.M. classes.

                At St. Paul, we take the health and safety of our members and community seriously. On Thursday 3/12/2020, Governor Evers and the Wisconsin Department of Health, put out recommendations that any public gatherings of more than 250 people be suspended. On Friday 03/13/2020, Governor Evers, mandated that all schools statewide be closed from 03/18/2020 through 04/06/2020. Taking into consideration that recommendations that the state and local leaders have put into place, the council has decided to close the campus at least till 04/06/2020.

                St. Paul will continue to record services and post them on our website and facebook page for you to access. We would encourage you to make use of those until we can meet again.

                I firmly believe that we are not making this decision out of panic or fear. However, I also believe that we need to be part of the solution when it comes to helping to slow the spread of this virus. I love our people and our community. And I do NOT want to contribute to anything that could put anyone in a dangerous situation. This is a very fluid situation and council is staying informed about what is happening. We will continue to meet as necessary to make decisions concerning the health and well-being of our community, and members as needed.

                So, what can you do? Right now, we are in the middle of our Lenten Series, “Red Letter Challenge.” Continue to read and follow along in your books. As I stated before, services will be posted during the week - please watch them as you can. Next week 03/16 through 03/22 is all about SERVING others, and I couldn’t think of a better thing to focus on at this time. First, let me encourage you to spend some time in God’s Word and spend time with Him in prayer. As you think about serving others, call those you know and your neighbors. Pray with them, encourage them, find out how they are doing. Take a look around you and see if you know of someone in your neighborhood who could use your help. If you are going to the store for anything, see if they need something. Look for ways to continue to shine Christ’s light in your neighborhood and in the communities that you live in.

                St. Paul is committed to trying to meet the needs of those around us through this ever-changing situation: to do that we need your continued support. Most of our members do that by supporting us through offering envelopes on Sunday morning. Please consider mailing those in to support our ongoing and fixed costs at St. Paul. Some have signed up for our online giving program WeShare. If this is an option, we would encourage you to do so at this time to support the needs of your church, as we seek to support the needs of our community. A tutorial on how to sign up for online giving will be posted to our webpage www.StPaulFalls.com shortly.

                I hope you will continue to pray for our leaders both on a local, state, and national level, as they have many tough decisions to make for the best interest of our country and local communities. Pray for the scientists and doctors who are looking for ways to control and contain the spread of the virus. Pray for our medical staff and nurses, who are working to care for the sick and hurting. Most of all, I want you to know that I and the staff of St. Paul are praying for you and for the members of our community. I pray that you would remain safe and healthy as we continue to work through and shine Christ’s light in our world, communities, and neighborhoods as we work our way through this pandemic.

                Please check our website to stay informed on news and updates on the situation.

God’s Blessings,

Pastor Kyle

March 13, 2020 (MemberCaller message)

Pastor Kyle calling from St Paul Lutheran Church. Services are being canceled for Sunday, March 15. The Department of Health put out recommendations that gatherings of more than 250 people be canceled. Our executive team met in response to this and in order to try and protect our community members have decided to cancel services for Sunday, March 15. Services will be posted online, on our website:  www.stpaulfalls.com  and Facebook page. I would encourage you to make use of them.

We will continue to look to the Department of Health for information and guidelines. Updates will be posted on our website: www.stpaulfalls.com we encourage you to look for them there.

Please stay safe and healthy. God Blessings to you.

March 12, 2020 (Posted on the website)
Due to the recommendations by the Wisconsin Health Dept., Sunday services on March 15 are being canceled. Services are being held Thursday and Saturday at their normal time. This is an ever-changing situation regarding the coronavirus. We will continue to stay aware of government recommendations. The Executive Team will continue to meet to find the best way to "Connect People to Christ" while caring for the health and well-being of our community and members. We will continue to provide updates as needed.
Pastor Kyle
March 11, 2020 (included in the Sermon Insert Thursday evening)
The Church Council has the following statement:

St Paul Lutheran and the Coronavirus

 As a caring community we are asking your support in these measures for the overall health of our congregation:

  • Greeting will temporarily be suspended.
  • The Common Cup will be temporarily suspended.
  • Please refrain from shaking hands and personal contact.
  • Please practice good community hygiene.
  • Stay home if you feel ill.  Services are posted on the church website on Monday.