"Connecting People to Christ"

Current Prayers

Prayers for Services November 19-22
Recovering:  Edith Voland, Marlette Leitch, Leigh Cherveny, Galan Gatzke
Bereaved: The Families of Joyce Kracht, RJ Matthies, Wayne Speilvogel

Prayers for Services November 12-15
Recovering: Milt Rowe
Hospitalized: Leigh Cherveny,  Galan Gatzke, Edith Voland
Hospice Care: RJ Matthies in-home
Wayne Speilvogel, Sharon Richardson
51st Anniversary:  Jim & Gail Weber
Baptisms: Jayce Wallner & Hunter Graf
The Ministry of Teen Challenge

Prayers for Services November 5-8
Recovering: Ken Krubsack
Hospitalized: Milt Rowe, Galan Gatzke, Edith Voland
In-Home Hospice Care: RJ Matthies
Baptism: Andrew Trimberger
65th Anniversary: Galan & JoAnn Gatzke

Prayers for Services October 29-November 1

Recovering: Marilyn Schneider
Cancer Treatments: Barbara Lohr
29th Anniversary: Mike & Jodi Dahlke
35 years in Ministry:  Christina Zeuner, Early Childhood Center Director