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Discipleship 2022

Stewarding the Truth - Letter - 2022
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Christian Friends,S

As we take a look at stewardship in our “Entrusted” sermon series, Pastor Kyle and I thought it would also be important to talk about another form of stewardship that we won’t be touching on in our sermon series: Stewarding God’s truth. Stewardship is all about using the gifts that God gives us for His glory and for His kingdom. When we think about stewardship, we usually think about money, time, and talents. And this is good and well – these are great gifts that God has given us to use to accomplish His purposes of serving, loving, and evangelizing!

But another amazing gift that God has given us that we don’t always think about stewarding is His truth. I find it incredible that the all-knowing God who is over the entire universe found a way to communicate with us. He put His truth, His words into the Bible, and we have this gift from Him still today that we are to use for His glory and for His kingdom.

In the Bible, God reveals Himself to us – who He is, what He has done, and what His will is. In a world where it’s becoming increasingly hard to know what to believe, God gives us absolute truth. In the Bible, we find wisdom that transcends any particular time and place. Really, the Scriptures are the first thing that we should steward - for it directs the stewardship of all the other gifts God has given us. How should you steward your time? God reveals His will in the Bible. How should you steward your money? God reveals His will in the Bible. How should you steward your talents? Again, God reveals His will in the Bible. In order to be the most effective steward that you can be, in order to truly live for God’s purposes and His kingdom, you have to know what His purposes are and what His kingdom is all about. That’s the focus of the Bible.

So, this year, if you don’t already, I want to encourage you to begin Stewarding God’s Word. On this webpage (see below), you’ll find an easy reading plan that will thoughtfully take you through the book of Acts in one year. Print out the plan and remember to do your weekly reading. In the book of Acts, God has much to tell us about stewarding His many other gifts. My prayer is that you’ll begin to steward God’s Word right here with this one, simple reading plan. But my prayer is also that you’ll fall in love with God’s Word and begin reading and studying it more and more often. There are hundreds of reading plans available online or in the YouVersion Bible App (an app I would highly recommend adding to your phone or tablet). If you don’t know where to look, please talk to me, and I will help you find a reading plan that suits you.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this letter, and may God be with you as you steward His Word!

-Pastor Rob

Stewarding the Truth - Bible Reading Plan 2022