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Men's Sat AM

Saturday Morning Men’s Bible Study

Join us for a men’s Bible study as we examine this brand new book Faith In The Shadow Of A Pandemic discussing one or two chapters at each session. We will meet in Room #100 the first and third Saturdays of each month beginning September 19 @ 8 am. Bring your Bible, a mask, and a cup of your favorite beverage as we share some fellowship and thoughts on the study together.

This 2019 novel coronavirus has brought forth many new things for the church: things that previously the Christian community never had to consider. From how to administer the Lord’s Supper during a time of social distancing, to wearing masks, and how one should deal with death, these are all topics having new light shed on them.

John Pless and Jacob Corzine work together to give clarity through Luther’s teachings, Psalms, Scripture, and personal experience to bring a well-rounded explanation concerning the Church and COVID-19. Written for all to read, consider, and understand, this book will remind you that God is with you always, even when sin tries to disorient us all. Faith in the Shadow of a Pandemic will reassure individual church members who suddenly find themselves in harrowing times without access to worship in their local congregation.