Sunday School Christmas Service Resources

This year we will be doing a traditional Children’s Sunday School Christmas Service called “Saints and Angel Hosts Rejoice,” which is a reflection on the songs sung around the time of the Birth of Jesus, as found in the Gospel of Luke. It will take place during our regularly scheduled 5:00 Worship Service on Saturday Evening, December 15 (Snow day is December 16). We would love all kids to be a part of this experience.


*We would love for all Sunday School Children to participate. Please Jeff know if you are unable to attend.

**Each Sunday School class will memorize a verse/song(see below) that will be spoken/sung during the program. All classes will also participate in singing 4-5 songs.

**There are 4 narrator parts. Priority for these will be given to 4th and 5th graders. Contact Jeff if you are interested in one of these parts.

**There are 5 “recitations” that can be read by kids. (if there is enough interest, these may be broken in half to allow for 10 kids to participate) In some cases they may be read in conjunction with a video, so there might be a timing element. But that is the extent of difficulty. I would ask parents to help with this, especially working on enunciation and speed. These parts may be for 1st-5th graders.

**We are looking for some volunteers to help with Sunday School Christmas Service this year. We need volunteers to help get kids from place to place. We need 1-2 people that could help with actions to songs (this would involve coming on Sunday mornings too for when we practice)

Christmas Practice

*EVERYONE should plan to attend a practice on Saturday, December 8 from 10:30-11:30am (meet in the 300 wing)

*Those with speaking or acting roles should plan to stay until about 12:30pm on December 8 for an additional run-through.


*Speakers should arrive at 3:45pm for a run through

*ALL OTHER PARTICIPANTS should meet in the 300 wing at 4:30pm (no sooner!!!)

*There are no costumes…kids are encouraged to wear their Sunday best.

MEMORY VERSES AND WORDS FOR SONGS  (Click here for a PDF of  songs and which Bible Verse each class is memorizing)

You may also obtain hard copy at Sunday School.

SONGS (Each video is a close representation of what we will be singing)

**The Hippo Song (Very similar--not exact!!!)

**Arise Shine (Chorus--Start watching at 2:20 to hear the chorus repeated multiple times)

**Messiah(Verses 1 and 3 which goes from 0-0:50 and 1:35-End)

**The Magnificat (1:03-1:47)

**Baby Jesus(3K/4K Only:  Skip 1st verse--start at 0:30)

**Simeon's Song (This goes to the tune of Silent Night--please do your best!)

**Angels We Have Heard on High (Verse 1  0:00-0:42)

**Go Tell It On The Mountain (Optional:  We will just sing the chorus as we recess)