"Connecting People to Christ"

Sunday School Christmas Service Resources

This year we will be doing a traditional Children’s Sunday School Christmas Service called “His Name is Jesus,” which is a reflection on the many names of Jesus and what they mean to us.  It will take place during our regularly scheduled 5:00 Worship Service on Saturday Evening, December 14 (Snow day is December 15).  We would love all kids to be a part of this experience.


EVERYONE:  *We would love for all Sunday School Children to participate.  Each Sunday School class will memorize a verse/song(see below) that will be spoken/sung during the program.  All classes will also participate in singing 6 songs.  Please Jeff know if you are unable to attend.

PARENT OPPORTUNITIES  A)Help get kids from place to place during practice/the night of the service  B)1-2 people that could help with actions to songs (this would involve coming on Sunday mornings too for when we practice).  C)The day of the service:  1)Come early and set-up refreshments 2)serve refreshments after the service 3)Help with clean-up

Christmas Practice
*EVERYONE should plan to attend a practice on Saturday, December 7 from 10:30-11:30am (meet in the 300 wing)
*Those with speaking or acting roles should plan to stay until about 12:30pm on December 7 for an additional run-through.

*Speakers should arrive at 3:45pm for a run through
*ALL OTHER PARTICIPANTS should meet in the 300 wing at 4:30pm (no sooner!!!)
*There are no costumes…kids are encouraged to wear their Sunday best.

MEMORY VERSES AND WORDS FOR SONGS  (Click here for a PDF of  songs and which Bible Verse each class is memorizing)

You may also obtain hard copy at Sunday School.

SONGS-Please note that in addition to the younger/older grade songs, there are 4 songs that EVERYONE will be singing.
(Each video is a close representation of what we will be singing)

ONLY 3K-Kind
**The Hippo Song (Very similar--not exact!!!)
**Away in the Manger  (1st and 2nd Verses)

ONLY 1st-5th Grade
**Alpha & Omega (Start at 2:00)
**O Come O Come Emmanuel  (Only 1st verse/Chorus)

**One Name (Start at  0:55)
**Messiah (Verses 1 and 3 which goes from 0-0:50 and 1:35-End)
**Little Drummer Boy (1st/3rd verses:  start at 0:55-1:50  and  3:05-4:00)
**Praise Ye the Lord, Alleluia: