"Connecting People to Christ"

Sunday School Volunteer Opportunities

Sunday School ministers to kids ages 3 through 5th grade during the sermon time of the 9:15 service. Teaching/small group time generally last 15-20 minutes. Large group lasts about 15 minutes. Training will be held on Sunday, August 27 from 8:45-10:15am. Please contact Jeff Diener if you are willing to be a part of this ministry.


**Guides: Use given resources to teach/reinforce/apply the theme for the week.

**Assistant/Guides-in-Training: Help the guides in whatever manner you are needed (participate/discipline/bathroom break/build relationships/be mentored)

**Substitute: Fill in for a Guide that can’t make it. You are placed on a group list with other substitutes. Grade level and weeks will vary—but you choose when and how often you can help out.

**Secretary/Behind the scenes: This new role can be tailored to your gifts…but responsibilities can include: Managing Attendance/Registration, Facilitate Offering Collection, Coordinate Substitutes, Set-up and/or Take Down, Time manager.

**Large group leader (substitute, part time or full time!)Each week all the kids come together for a large group message/activity and/or song time. You could create your own under Jeff’s guidance or Jeff can provide you with an “all set to go” presentation. There are 5-6 weeks where Jeff has other responsibilities and a substitute is needed.