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Wee Care Nursery Update

The Wee Care Nursery will be open starting Aug 23 during the 10:00 service.  When regular services resume on Sept 13 the Wee Care Nursery will be open during the 9:15 and 10:45 services.  

For the protection of our families and staff a plan has been put in place to minimize the potential spread of Covid 19.  If you plan to use the Wee Care Nursery please respectfully follow these guidelines that have been put in place:

Before arrival
*You must signup each week for the worship service you plan to attend. (visit www.stpaulfalls.com).  If for some reason you need to cancel, please contact Jeff so we can open-up your spaces to others.  Sign-up usually begins Monday morning for the upcoming Sunday.
*To use the nursery, there is an additional section you will be directed.
*The phone number you leave will be used to contact you (probably via text) if you are needed while you are in worship. 
*You may bring your child at any point during the worship service.

Upon arrival
*Please fill out this parent agreement: must be filled out every Sunday--on Sunday--prior to using the nursery.
*Parents must be wearing masks
*If possible, please only have 1 parent drop-off/pick-up your child.
*If possible, please do not bring any siblings along during drop-off.  If they need to come, please have them wear a mask.
*If there is a line, respectfully social distance from each other.
*Staff will be wearing masks
*Please wait at the door and a staff member ask you and your child to sanitize your hands and invite you in.

*We ask that you not play with the toys and leave as quickly as you are able.
*If you have a diaper bag, sippy cup or anything else, please notify our staff and place it in one of the cubbies.
*Exit through west door.
*Just like before the pandemic, children may cry when you leave.  Please trust our staff.  If there is a need or the tears persist, they will contact you via the phone number you gave at registration.  Children usually stop crying within a couple of minutes.

While kids are in nursery
*Our staff will work to keep the children in groups no larger than 2
*No drink or snack will be provided
*Sippy cups can be used but will be returned to cubby as soon as they are no longer being used.
*Staff/children hands may be sanitized up to every 15 minutes
*Any toys that are used will be placed in a bin to be cleaned/sanitized

*Upon your return from worship, please pick up your child, our nursery staff will relay any relevant information about the time in the nursery, then please pick up any items you may have left and then invite your child to leave (through the west exit)
*Please come as soon as church is done. 

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