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Children's Ministry Weekly Resources

Children's Ministry Weekly Resources
Children's Messages reflect what is being taught in Sunday School/Worship Theme for the week

Lectionary Series (Feb 3-May 16)
Parents you may use the question and answers below for a Children's Message/Sunday School Lesson
OR, especially with preschool/younger age kids  you may refer to the information at our SS Teacher Resource Link to create a plan of your own (Contact Jeff for a hard-copy)  Also consider livestreaming the worship service.

Mar 7:  The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20:1-17)
0A)Count to 10 Have the kids count to 10.  Or find 10 of certain items.  Or count backwards from 10.  Count in another language.  
0B)Share school rules What rules do you have to follow at school?  What rules do we have to follow at home?  How about when driving?  At the library?   
1)Why do we have rules? 
2)What would happen if we didn't have rules?  (Everyone would do whatever they wanted...which would lead to conflict)
3)Who determines the rules?  (Who ever is in charge?  Has the most power?  Has the most money?)
4)What rules does God give us?  (10 Commandments--Here's a link to a copy: 10 Commandments w/ Explanation  )
5)Watch one of these videos to learn how the original 10 commandments were given and to hear why they are so important?
Videos: Option 1 (Longer, but thorough, good lesson to watch and pause to teach/discuss along the way)
             Option 2
(Animated--Israelites journey to Mt Sinai/receiving 10 Commandments--Non Lutheran Numbering)
             Option 3
(Kids explain why and what the commandments are--Non Lutheran Numbering)
             Option 4
(Animated--focused on story and people's disobedience while Moses is gone, includes a connections to Jesus at                                  the end)
6)Can you summarize the 10 commandments (1-3 Love God, 4-10 Love others, LOVE)
7)Can you imagine how things would look if everyone did this?
8)Why don't we do this all the time? (Sin)
9)In order to be with God...we need to Love all the time--perfectly.  But we can't.  So how can we be with God...in Heaven? (Jesus did love perfectly...and yet he died, and took all of our sins--because of this, by believing in Jesus we can be with God)
10)List some ways you can love God and others.
11)Pray:  Father, Thank you for loving me.  Help me to love others the way you love me.  Amen
12) Consider Singing: Love the Lord (Diener Family Version) Sing About His Love  (Mr. Diener Version) Jesus Loves Me (Diener Family Version)
Feb 28:  Jesus Predicts his Death/Peter's Faith-Confession (Mark 8:27-38)
0A)Activity on Faith Use a chair (or another object).  Ask your kids if they are REALLY sure that the chair will hold you if you sit down.  How do we know? Pretend to sit, but double check that they are sure.   Do we know the people that made it? Have we ever seen/met them?  
0B)Do a Faith/Trust walk--where someone is blindfolded and the other one directs/leads them from one place to another. 
1)Talk about FAITH/TRUST   Is it easy to have Faith/Trust?  What is someone breaks our trust?  Do we have that same FAITH in God.  Can we see Him?  Can we trust Him?  (Remember--God's Word shows us that we can completely trust God)
2)In today's story we hear a few things.  Peter states that he believes in Jesus.  Jesus also talks about what's going to happen to Him.  And the challenge ahead to people that believe in Him. 
Videos:  Option 1 (Animated...includes prediction and confession)
              Option 2
(Scripture reading with pictures-only confession)
              Option 3
(Animated--only watch 1:09-3:00--prediction and confession)
3)Do you believe in Jesus?  What do you believe?  
4)Why do you believe this (We've been told, by Pastors, Parents--most importantly the BIBLE!!!)
5)If we believe/have faith, how should we live?  
6)What does it look like to love God and love others?  What does it look like to "Go" and "Make disciples?"   How can you do this at home, at school?  (Loving, forgiving?)
7) Just like we simply trust/have faith in a chair, an airplane or a lot of other things.  Do we have FAITH to love God, love others and tell others about Him, even if others don't or if we get made fun of?
8)Pray:  Father, Thank you for faith.  Help me not only to believe and trust in you, but to tell others about you too!  I love you.  Amen
12) Consider Singing: *Faith (Galatians 2:20) Ephesians 2:8 (For by grace...) Step By Step (Diener Family Version)
Feb 17:   Jesus Tempted
0)Create temptation for your kids.  Put some things out that they're not supposed to have.  Or place something sweet in front of them and tell them they can't have it until the end (or give them one of something---and if they can resist until later, you'll give them two).
1)Play "Hangman" with the word Tempted or Temptation
2)Talk about the word "Tempted/Temptation" (Note that it is in the Lord's Prayer)
3)What things tempt us?  (you knew you had homework that needed to be done, but your favorite program was on TV, so you chose to watch TV instead of doing your homework. The next day when your teacher asked you why you didn't turn in your homework, you told the teacher, "My dog ate it" or "My baby brother tore it up." We begin to point the finger of blame at someone else.
4)Do we give into temptation?  Why (Why not?)  
5)How do we deal with temptation?
6)In our Bible reading today we heard about Jesus being tempted.   
7)Read Mark 1:9-15 and/or watch one of these videos to learn more about this.  How many times is Jesus tempted?  How does he respond?
Videos: Option 1 (Kids explain the Story)
            Option 2 (Another version, kids explain the story)
           Option 3 (Animated)
           Option 4 (Animated--kid favorite)
8)How many times is Jesus tempted?  How did he respond?
9)Here are a few ways  we may be tempted followed by a Bible verse that will help us resist that temptation.
     *Spreading gossip about another student in your class. (You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. Exodus 20:16)
     *Disobeying your parents. (Honor your father and mother. Exodus 20:12)
     *Taking something that does not belong to you. (You shall not steal. Exodus 20:15)
     *Eating too many sweets or too much junk food. (Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. 1 Corinthians 6:19)
10)Remember, when Jesus was tempted, he turned to Scripture to help him resist Satan. You and I should do the same thing.
11)Pray:  Father, we are thankful for your Holy Word. Help us to read our Bible daily and hide its words in our heart so that we might be able to resist temptations. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.
12) Consider Singing: II Timothy 3:16 (All Scripture...)Step By Step (Diener Family Version)
Feb 10:   Transfiguration
0)Play hangman witht the word "TRANSFIGURATION" or take the letters of this word, put them on paper and have the kids try to find the letters in the room.
1)Hold up a pair of prescription eye glasses and ask "Why are these important?"  (I need to wear these to see things how they really are – my eyes aren’t perfect, but these change the way I can see things so I can know what is real.)
2)Talk about the word "Transfiguration" 
3)In our Bible reading today we heard about the Transfiguration of Jesus. Transfiguration is a big word that means change – Jesus changes the way the disciples could see him so they would know what was real.
4)Watch one of these videos to learn more about the Transfiguration
Videos: Option 1 (Kids explain the Story)
             Option 2 (Animated Reading)
5)Talk about what happened in the Transfiguration (Who was there?  Who appeared?  Why was it important?--it helped Jesus disciples and us see that he is fully God)
6)Think back to the glasses at the beginning...just like they help me to see things the way they are, the Transfiguration helps us see Jesus for who he really is!
7)Take some time to pray (Praise God, Thank God, Tell Him your sorry, tell Him any concerns or things that are bothering you)
8) Consider Singing: Radical God (Diener Family Version)Awesome God (Diener Family Version)
Feb 3:   Jesus Heals
0A)Consider acting out a seen where someone is sick and the other person is a doctor.
0B)Consider bringing out some items that are used when people are sick (bandaids, medicines)
1)Share a time you've been sick.  How did you feel?  Did you do anything to get better?  How did you get better?
2)Why do people get sick (natural, don't take care of themselves, ULTIMATELY-because there is sin in the world) 
3)How do people get better (God works through various means, sometimes our intervention, sometimes miraculously)
4)In today's reading, Simon's mother-in-law is sick with a fever. 
   Read Mark 1:29-39 (or consider one of the videos below)
     Option 1(Scripture reading with pictures)
     Option 2
(Scripture reading with kids adding commentary)
     Option 3
(Animated--only watch 8:23-10:30)
5)Describe the healing that was done.  Who was healed?  How were people healed? (In some cases we don't hear/see anything spectacular--perhaps this shows the simple, but amazing power of Jesus words).  
6)Why did Jesus heal people?  (Look at verses 38-39)
7)Does everyone get healed? (Unfortunately not on earth--though they can be eternally because of what Jesus did on the cross)
8)Why doesn't everyone get healed (Sinful world, God may use these situations to bring glory in ways we don't understand).  
9)What are two more important things we can learn from Jesus in this story (look at verse 35) (Prayer and solitude are important)
10)Take some time to pray (Praise God, Thank God, Tell Him your sorry, tell Him any concerns or things that are bothering you)
11) Consider Singing: *Making Everything New (Revelation 21:5)  Wounded Soldier (Diener Family Version)
Stewardship Series --Self Storage (Jan 17-31)
Week 1--Jan 17:  Store House
1)Name off things that you are thankful for.   Think about physical needs, comforts (heat, air conditioning, refrigerators, etc), wants (phones, technology, toys, restaurants). 
2)Where do we get everything we have (Help gain an appreciation for what we have--realizing it all comes from God)
3)Take time RIGHT NOW to thank God for everything you have.
3.5)Consider watching these videos from our 5 Questions Ministry Questions 1/2  Questions 3/4
4)How does God want us to use the things he's given us?
5)How do we know if we are using things how God wants us to (we're using them to Love God and Love others-follow God)
6)Watch this video on Thankfulness 
7)Have you ever given an offering at church?  
8)Why do we give offerings?
9)How much should we give? (Read 2 Corinthians 9:7)  
10)Discuss Tithing (Giving 10 percent--perhaps use money do demonstrate)
11A)For older kids, consider reading Malachi 3 especially verses 8-12. 
11B)For older kids, God says he will throw open the flood gates when we give.  What does this mean? (In some cases we might receive monetary blessings, but in many cases we can simply trust that God will bless us with what we need, many times in miracuolous ways that only he can provide--but it starts with first trusting and giving to Him)
12)  Watch this video:    Generous/Tithing (Beginning to ONLY 1:05---the rest is for next week)
13)PLEASE NOTE--GIVING IS NOT A SALVATION ISSUE...The only way to Heaven is by believing in Jesus.  Giving is a response to the faith and trust we have that God has done and will continue to do what he says.
14)Pray (asking God to help you be thankful and have a generous/giving heart) 
15) Consider Singing: *Faith (Galatians 2:20)
Be Bold (Diener Family Version)
Week 2--Jan 24:  Store Up
1)What are some things you collect or have a lot of (toys, stuffed animals, clothes, shoes, dishes)
2)How did you get so many of these items? (saved up money, time, shopping)
3)Why do you have so many?  (it's fun to collect)
4)What do you do with these items (play with them, wear them)
5)Do you use all of the items--or do some just sit around?
6)Read Matthew 6:19-21 (older kids read through verse 24) 
7)What does Jesus tell us to collect (or store-up)?  
8)What are treasures in Heaven?
9)Watch one (or more) of these videos and discuss how they teach us about storing up Treasures in Heaven:
              Option 1 (Jesus Washes His Disciples Feet)
              Option 2 (God's Story:  Generosity From 1:05 to the end)
              Option 3 (Boy giving his coat)
              Option 4 (Martin give to others--Illustration of Matthew 25:40-45)
10)How can you store up Treasures in Heaven? (make a list of ways you can help/serve others)
11)Start now on one of the items from your list.  How can you carry out a way to serve someone else.  
12)REMEMBER--STORING UP TREASURES IN HEAVEN IS NOT A SALVATION ISSUE...The only way to Heaven is by believing in Jesus.  Helping/Serving others is a response to the faith and trust we have that God has done and will continue to do what he says.
13)Pray (asking God to help you store up Treasures in Heaven) 
14) Consider Singing: Gospel Light (Diener Family Version)  Love the Lord (Diener Family Version)
Week 3--Jan 31:  In Store
1)Share something you're excited to do (today, tomorrow, next month, next year)?
2)Why are you so excited?
3)Do you know something we as Christians should be excited for? (Heaven)
4)What do you know about Heaven?  (We're with God, it's perfect, no pain, sadness,)
5)How do we get to Heaven?  (Have our sins taken away...which comes by believing in Jesus...his life death and resurrection)
(Here's a short video to help remember this Question 6)
6)Since we know we are going to heaven--how should we live the rest of our lives?
A)Excited, joyfully, confidently--we're going to Heaven!!!
B)Urgency to learn God's Word better and share the Good News of Jesus with others--even if it means being made fun of or having struggles.  We start doing this by storing up by giving (like we spoke 2 weeks ago) and storing up Treasures in Heaven (as we spoke last week).
7)Watch one of these videos and/or read one of the scriptures listed to help illustrate/understand points A & B above
            Videos:   Option 1  (Begin at 2:34--Paul encourages Timothy)
                            Option 2 (Be sure to connect to why Paul fights)
                           Option 3 (Better for older--but it might be good to pause and explain along the way)
            Scripture:  2 Timothy 4:1-8
                              1 Corinthians 9:24-27
8)What did you learn about what awaits for us now and in the future as believers in Jesus?
9)How should we live while we wait for Heaven?
10)Share one way in which you can share the Good News today?
11)Pray (asking God to help you store up Treasures in Heaven) 
12) Consider Singing:   Philippians 1:21 (for me to live is Christ and to die is gain)     
                                     Be Bold (Diener Family Version)
Sunday School/Worship Devotion FOR THE WEEK OF Jan 10
This week's message: The Baptism of Our Lord
**Use the questions/videos below or you may develop your own lesson with these plans:    Jesus is Baptized
0)Have your kids explore the 3 states of H20 (Water, Ice/Snow, Gas--breathe on a window)  Can all 3 of these states exist at the same time.  (Consider watching part of this video:  Water as Solid, Liquid, Gas at once)
1)When we think about God/the Trinity we see a similar relationship:  Father, Son, Holy Spirit
God the Father created the world.  God the Son(Jesus) came to save the world, God the Holy Spirit creates Faith.
We see all 3 of these in our lesson today as Jesus is baptized.
2)Watch one of these videos and look for the time when the Father, Son and Holy Spirit appear at the same time:
Videos:    Option 1A (Simpler Version)       Option 1B (a little longer version)        Option 2
3)Why did Jesus get baptized?  (To show God’s approval, Announce His ministry, Show Himself as a man, Set an example for us, our substitute, show us the 3 in 1)
4)What do we learn about Jesus as being Fully Human from this story?
5)What do we learn about Jesus as being Fully God from this story?
6)Share what each of you remember about your baptism (the date? do you still have the candle--light it!)
*God the Father made you
*God the Son saved you
*God the Holy Spirit helps you live your life for Him
8)Pray (thanking God for allow you to be part of his family) 
9) Consider Singing:  
*A New Creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) Love the Lord 
Sunday School/Worship Devotion FOR THE WEEK OF Jan 3
This week's message: The Boy Jesus at the Temple
0)Play a game of Hide and Seek!
1)Have you ever been lost?  How did it happen?  How did it feel?  What did your parents do to find you?
2)In today's video, Mary and Joseph couldn't find Jesus.  
Watch this video to see what happens:  Jesus in the Temple
3) Where was Jesus?  
4)What do we learn about Jesus as being Fully Human from this story?
5)What do we learn about Jesus as being Fully God from this story?
Even as a child, Jesus wanted to do His Father’s plan. As Jesus grew up, He became strong and wise. God blessed Jesus as He got ready to follow His Father’s plan: to die on the cross and rescue people from sin.
6)How are we part of God's plan? 
7)Pray (ask God to help you know and follow his plan) 
Sunday School/Worship Devotion FOR THE WEEK OF Dec 27
This week's message:  Jesus Presented at the Temple
1)Have you ever waited a long time for something?  Was it worth the wait?
2) Watch this video:  Anna & Simeon
3) Who were the two people in this video that were waiting?
4)What were they waiting for?
5)How did they feel/what was there response when they got/saw what they were waiting for?
6)Why is Jesus so special?
7)Are you excited about Jesus?
8)How can we get others excited about Jesus?
9)Close your time in prayer...thanking God for sending Jesus.
 Chidren's Message from Christmas Eve (Dec 24)--God Has a Plan
Sunday School/Worship Devotion FOR THE WEEK OF Dec 20
Sunday School/Worship Devotion FOR THE WEEK OF Dec 13