"As Friends of God through Jesus,
empowered by the Spirit, we are
Connecting People to Christ 
by sharing His love in word
and action everywhere we are."

Values & Vision




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Sunday School & AWANA Registration

Registration for Sunday School and AWANA is now open!

Click here to register for Sunday School

Click here to register for AWANA

For more information on Children's Ministries click here.

Worship Service Times

The times and style of worship may not always coincide with your schedule and/or tastes, but you'll find the same message of hope and help for your life at all five worship services. We have a Hearing Loop.

Thursday 6:30 PM Informal Worship
- Country Music Worship 3rd Thursday/month

Saturday 5:00 PM Liturgical Worship

Sunday 7:45 AM Traditional Worship
9:15 AM Blended Worship
10:45 AM Contemporary Worship

FMSC Bake Sale!

 Bake Sale/Ice Cream Sale   

Baked goods and ice cream will be available in the Gathering Area following all worship services.

Donated baked good can be dropped off at the church kitchenette

Thursday, 9/20 before 4pm

Friday, 9/21, by noon

Sunday, 9/23 beginning at 7am.  

Thank you for your support!

Feed My Starving Children 2018

Pack Dates - October 11 -13, 2018

The goal for this year’s mission is to pack 155,000 meals at a cost of $34,215 (only $0.22/meal) with the help of 780 servants (volunteers).

Click here for pack times & information.

Registration is now open to all

Click here to help pack

Legacy Campaign

September 20 - October 7    

What will people say about you after you die? Will anyone talk about the positive influence you had upon their Christian faith? While no one is perfect, will you be remembered as someone who knew their sins were forgiven and who tried to pass God’s grace on to others?

Beginning the weekend of September 23, we will begin a 3-week worship series called “The Legacy Campaign.” This series will help all of us to see that God has called us to live, not self-absorbed in the moment, but with the vision of being God’s hands, and eyes, and feet and mouthpiece to bless other people that He brings into our lives. He wants us to leave a spiritual legacy

This series will give us inspiration and ideas to help us be more effective servants of God throughout our lives.

Click here to learn more about the Legacy Campaign and find packet materials online.

Children of the World Choir

If you would like to learn more about World Help and how they are helping children in need, please go to their website https://worldhelp.net/.

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